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Corporate Identity Design


The Process of Discovery


One of the first questions I ask clients is why they want a logo? What do they need it for? How will it be utilized? Website, print work, hats, stall curtains? How that the logo will be used directly influences the end design result.



Some Things To Consider

Good logos are guided by a few principles.


They should be unique, in font, in color and in concept.

They should work well in small formats and large.

They should work equally well in black and white and color.

They should reflect the personality of the product, service, or whatever they represent.

Ideally they should contain a visual reference to the product, service or business's best relevant point of difference. (what makes the product, service, individual, team or company unique)




Personal Opinion


All the above being considered, logos are very personal and are often guided by client's personal opinion. Working directly with the person who "carries the vision" of the business, helps with the design process.

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