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Equine Advertising - Getting Noticed.


One Idea Per Ad


The average viewing time for most advertising is about six seconds, not very long to make an impression. For ads to be noticed and effective, it helps to limit them to a single clear idea per ad message. In many ways, the more simple the message... the more powerful the impact.



Superior Photography


Good photography is important for getting noticed in advertising. If you are going to invest the resources to plan, design and insert advertising into the various equine magazines, or on the web, it makes great sense to have unique, clear and meaningful photography for your message. A great photo stops the audience... that critical first step in getting your message noticed.



Hierarchy - That Thing That Shouts


Just as the "one idea per ad" is important... equally important is the hiearchy in each piece of advertising. If all elements that appear in the ad are of the same weight and importance, the ad loses it's punch. Make that most important idea shout and leave space for all the other elements in the message to whisper.


Colors - Developing A Color Scheme


Colors make us notice. Some of the most powerful color combinations come from nature. This is especially true in good web design. Whether developing a single ad message or a year long campaign, consistency in color, font and style help you get noticed and remembered.


The All Important Point of Difference


Different and unique? What makes you special? What makes your horse, your relationship with your horse, your barn, your training, your farm, your stud. This is what we like to refer to as the relevant point of difference. It is one of the first and most important things we discuss before developing ad campaigns, large or small.


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